Weather-proof performance site at the park!
Guaranteed Performance Time
On site Festival Owner and Staff!
Exceptional adjudicators
On-stage clinic by adjudicator following performance
Written comments by each adjudicator
Awesome BIG trophy with rating
Bus parking provided
Director's gift
Complimentary group photo
Participant package:
Festival Performance
Participant Souvenir
Indoor/Outdoor activities
North Dallas: Unlimited play on: Bowling, 2 Level Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, Rock Climbing,  Laser Maze, High Ropes and Video Games. 
Buffet included.
DFW: Unlimited play on: Laser Tag, Rock Climbing Wall, Laser Maze, Bowling, Video Games, Go Karts, Roller Coasters, and Putt Putt.
Buffet included
Seguin: Unlimited play at park on all rides and games.
($50 for each additional group performing within the original performing time.)
Houston: Unlimited Bumper Cars, Jumpin' Star, Disk' O, Monkey Jump, iT'Z Express, and Video Games.
Buffet included
  2011 Pride of Texas Music Festival
Festival Perks:
Per ensemble registration
Alley Cats, Hurst
(Monday - Friday)

April 28
May 17 & 19
Pinstack, Plano
(Monday - Friday)

April 12, 16
April 20, 23
iTZ Family & Fun

May 4
( Thursday)

May 6
Spare Time Texas
Temple: Unlimited play on bowling, laser tag,  and ALL video games. 
Buffet included
Elementary, Middle School, Junior High, High School
Performance Festival
Bands, Orchestras, Choirs and other ensembles.
Per participant
(Following CDC guidelines)